Pelinduna Adventures

Pelinduna Adventures

White Water Rafting White Water Rafting - Crocodile River
The Crocodile River is loaded with giant monitor lizards (likkewaan) and outstanding birdlife viewing.  This 4 km route is yielding to the novice, yet accommodating to the thrill seeker within all of us. You'll paddle the grade 1-2 rapids through this 40m high gorge in about 2, 5 hours. Halfway we stop for refreshments and then it is off for more fun in the sun and just before we get out we do a 4m jump just for the fun of it.

Abseiling Abseiling
An activity for the thrill seeker!  Face your fears and step over the edge into oblivion. Abseiling is commonly practiced the world over as a method of descending a rope in a safe and controlled manner.  Our abseil experience takes place at Pelindaba and is called Pote.  You'll be facing your fears as well as experiencing great rock formations and breathtaking views.

Paintball Paint Ball
We will supply the paintball guns, paintballs and protective eyewear (according to paintball regulations), as well as protective clothing for the players. It is a fun and technical exercise!
While there are many different types of games, all involve strategy, stealth and quick thinking.

  • Capture the flag - ends when your team captures the opponent's flag and returns it to the base.
  • Center flag - similar to "Capture the flag" but with only one flag in the centre of the field to be captured.
  • Fox and hound - everyone hunts a small fox team, foxes may receive multiple hits, hounds get only one hit.
  • Elimination- two teams slug it out to the last man.
  • Predator - hunt the predators. 


Hiking Hiking
Come and enjoy this 6.8 km Phaladingwe Nature Trail. The hike traverses the hills in Broederstroom, and passes alongside the Crocodile River with some stunning views. This "circular" trail begins at the historic Preller House Tea garden at Pelindaba. You can stop half way on the cliff high above the river and enjoy the view as well as many birds and some animals.

We have beautiful picnic facilities (including braai fireplaces) at the Preller house where you can just relax after your hike.



Quad Biking Quad Biking
Our Quad biking adventure will exceed all your expectations. Trails run through the Phalandigwe Nature reserve, next to the scenic crocodile  river, over the mountain.  The tracks vary from technical to very easy, so we have something to offer the expert as well as the beginner! 

Halfway we have a quick stop for drinks and snacks before we get back to serious Quad Biking.

1 and 2 Hours

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